Personal Training

One-on-One Prices:

  • 1x per Week: $320/month ($80)
  • 2x per Week: $600/month ($75)
  • 3x per Week: $840 ($70)

All prices subject to change.


For comprehensive personal fitness, look no further than TRX Suspension Training. There are hundreds of possible exercises, using easily mastered, versatile training tools.

TRX Suspension Training is adaptable to every point on the fitness spectrum; under the watchful eye of our trainer, you will see results in your strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability, all at once.


Contrary to popular belief, there’s much more to training the core than just abs. “The core” refers to a network of muscles that act to stabilize, protect, or move the spine. Training the core helps correct posture and control movement so as to prevent injuries. A strong core is essential to healthy everyday activities and life.


It’s not just about big muscles! Strength training has systemic benefits. It helps you develop stronger bones, tendons, muscles, joints, and improved metabolism. It can even offset some of the effects of aging! Our Certified Personal Trainer is a Performance Enhancement Specialist, and is here to guide you to the improved health that strength training can offer.