Group Training

Online Group Training Options

All Group Training Sessions include:

  • 55 minute online sessions via Google Meet
  • High Intensity Workouts
  • Equipment is optional
  • Nutritional Coaching with your Personal Trainer

Group Training Prices:

  • Drop In Online Rate: $19
  • 2x per Week: $199
  • Unlimited Classes: $249

*Special Drop in Rate. Limited time only*


When we talk about balance, what we’re talking about is your ability to interpret sensory cues about your own position in space, and act accordingly. Balance training improves coordination, athletic skill, and posture, all of which leads to fewer injuries as you age, such as from falls.

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Team Work

Humans are social creatures, and the benefits of exercising with others are legion. Apart from it just being fun, having a team around you all working to get fit together can improve everyone’s chances of success.

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For burning off fat, nothing beats cardiovascular training, but the benefits don’t end there. Cardio also improves heart health, metabolism, healing, and even mental state. Cardio is also a major element in managing diabetes. Our aerobics classes are structured to help you enjoy all of these benefits and more.

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